Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lehenga Style Sarees Help You Create a Powerful Style Statement

Lehenga Style saree are in a fury range now. The Lehenga Style has generated its origin from the Mughal era period of time. This modern lehenga Choli is not only popular only in the border of India but has been spread worldwide. The women are dressing in a beautiful stylish way the style of draping this Lehenga choli saree is amazing. This Lehenga saree is actually rich attire, which have heavy embroidery work festooned with various sequins and bead work.

Lehenga consist of :

It is essential blend of custom and modern. This outfit is consider made of three cloth piece one is the blouse which is designed beautifully with a various pattern of neck such as U shape neck pattern, V-shape neck pattern, Backless neck pattern, One shoulder neck pattern. The next term is a skirt and saree; the saree is basically designed in a rich pattern. There are various pattern of Lehenga Saree design by the designer which is motif with heavy embroidery work, zari work, resham work, aari work, gold and silver thread work, Silky thread to design the floral, sequins, pearls, beads, semi-precious stone and mirror work is done on it look which give an outstanding look to the wearer. The Lehenga Saree is unlike a saree it is not totally similar to the saree one simply this saree have to tuck and sown into the skirt. It is one of the perfect attire those who are not comfortable in the saree and also Lehenga choli is perfect for the evening party

Step of Draping Lehenga Choli :

It seems to be appearing a bit difficult topic while wearing Lehenga Choli. Here are some step discover by the designer which is the easiest way to drape the saree.

Steps to be followed :

  • The plain end of the sari is sown in the skirt or petticoat which is heavily embroiderd or has various work embellish on it
  • Wrapped t completely to the waist similar as we wrap saree
  • You can drape these saree similar as wear saree; the pleats can be made on point of tip, not necessary you can wrap it plain. You can also wrapped the saree in a pleats all around the waist
  • Finally the pallu is draped over the shoulder like a regular saree and here your Lehenga sari is ready. launching a collection of women's clothing in which we include kurtis, Bridal Sarees, Gowns, Anarkali salwar kameez, Buy Lehenga Style Saree Online, Bollywood style sarees and many more.....!