Saturday, 15 November 2014

Attractive Resham Work Embroidery Sarees

    Embroidery saree is mostly preferred by each and every woman. Women used to favor saree as it is a traditional outfit from the long period of time. It is cultural attire worn by women which cover whole body and also give safety which is comfortable. Ladies prefer saree depending on its wearing style or depends upon the fabric. Now the saree in the fashion industry has come with various design, style and vibrant color. The most elegant and the popular type of exhausting saree is Embroidery saree which every women is delight to wear it. Embroidery saree has an art of elegance incorporate on it. We have an Embroidery saree of cotton, silk, net, georgette and many other fabrics. Initially this Embroidery saree have a work done on it manually which was difficult each and every thread has to be discovering properly to complete a design of the saree. But due to the advancement in technologies the embroidery have became a bit easy and had try to stitch a beautiful pattern on saree with a creativity of motif, stones, gems, precious diamonds, pearls, glittering resham and zari work and more is also used in the embroidery to give an Embroidery saree an excellent look. The soul of the saree is totally depending upon the Embroidery saree.

There are two sorts of weaved saree worth specifying :
  • Free weaving the application of the outlining does not bother the sewing of the base fabric. It is prevalent in a few parts of South East Asia
  • Counted string weaving - the quantity of strings in the fabric is ascertained and at exactly that point is the sewing

Embroidery is considered as a symbol of richness and politeness. Pure Embroidery saree is festooned with mirrors stones and zari and with other some decoration material. Bollywood actress also prefers this Embroidery saree as party wear. As you see around Embroidery is so loved by each and every women.

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