Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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    The Lehenga style saree is a mixture of two ethnic outfits. It is concerned with a blouse, a skirt lehenga and a main essential style of this lehenga Style saree it is a dupatta which give it complete look. India is complete with is tradition and culture. The Lehenga saree is designed in an appropriated manner which is merged into one of the beautiful easy wear outfit. On the run way in today’s fashion the lehenga is making its innovation platform in the fashion industry. Indian bridals usually prefer Lehenga saree in their wedding occasion as it gives cultural look. Before a slight period of time bridal in the wedding used to wear Lehenga saree in a simple manner, which does not have such an attractive design and patterns of various styles but in today’s generation bridal look for the modern and cultural wear for which they choose Lehenga saree. The Indian bridal typically desire red color in their wedding as it is a cultural of Indian bridal. The red color has an importance of it in the wedding, the red color show the prosperity and joy it symbolize the passionate love. The Lehenga style saree show the two concept by wearing it also showcase it as saree as well as Lehenga which give a striking look.

Creation of Lehenga saree

The length and the breadth of a piece, is semi-stitched contrast flanked by 4.5 m to 5.5 m. The item of clothing is split into different elements such as

  • The Skirt or Lehenga: - The skirt is stitched into various styles and pattern. It is designed in flared, A-line style, mermaid, sheath style, fish tail style etc. A zip is given on the side so that all one has to do is slip into it and zip it up.
  • The blouse: - The top is stitched in the type of choli which is called as blouse; according to this the designer has a great vision to give overall look to the choli.
  • The pallu: - The pallu is one of the interesting, amazing and essential garments in the style of Lehenga saree. One end of the pallu is sown from where the wearer drape its pallu on the another shoulder

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